November 18, 2016


What are our selection criteria?

Each year we can offer fifteen entrepreneurs a place in the GBT Business Booster. We only select the most motivated and dedicated applicants following two screening rounds. The top thirty applicants will be interviewed, before selecting the final fifteen. The entrepreneur is vital to the potential success and impact of the company.

First-round selection criteria

  • Ambition and grounded potential to start a business in Ghana
  • Relevant expertise with entrepreneurship and/or sector of the business idea
  • Potential viable business idea

 Requirements second round

Based on the interviews, the business ideas and entrepreneurs are rated. This allows us to compare and select the ones with the highest rating. We rate the business ideas and the entrepreneur on various aspects:

  • Economic impact
    • Potential viability of the business model
    • Connectivity to the local needs and context
    • Commercial- and market perspectives
  • Social impact
    • Inclusive contribution to society: economic, ecological and social
  • Innovation
    • Does the business idea bring something new to the Ghanaian market
    • How feasible is the innovation
  • Entrepreneur
    • Knowledge of the market
    • Commitment and willingness to take risks.