November 17, 2016


GBT collaboration of Ghanaian and Dutch business accelerator

GBT is a collaboration of iMPACT Booster in the Netherlands and MBC Africa in Ghana, complemented by Lundin Foundation, an impact investor, Sankofa Foundation, a diaspora organization and EMSA Emerging Markets Africa, a business development firm focused on sub-Saharan Africa.

Truvalu.startups, formerly iMPACT Booster, successfully accelerates innovative startups through the so-called pioneer gap when few (impact) investors are willing to provide money and technical assistance to fund the startups to develop their business, get their first clients and get started. Truvalu.startups focuses on startups that want to enter emerging markets with their innovation.

MBC Africa supports early-stage startups in Ghana throughout their development by addressing their four key needs – access to business development services, access to innovation and IT, access to markets and access to finance – through the MBC Accelerator, MBC Fellowship Program, Technical Assistance and MBC Capital.

Lundin Foundation is an impact investor that provides risk capital to high potential SME businesses to generate wealth and employment needed to alleviate poverty on a sustained basis. It also provides strategic grants to early stage innovations and for technical and managerial assistance. Lundin Foundation was recognized as one of the Top 40 Institutional Investors in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2014. That same year, its total investments supported 74 SMEs, which generated a combined USD 91 million in revenue and employed 3,781 people.

EMSA Emerging Markets Africa, founded over ten years ago, is a Netherlands-based business development firm focused on sub-Saharan Africa. It has a strong network and reputation among African and European entrepreneurs in more than twenty Sub-Saharan countries across different industries thanks to its pursuit of quality, interest in other cultures and integrity. Its expertise ranges from matchmaking and financing (investment, equipment financing etc.) to business strategy and legal affairs.

Sankofa Foundation is a diaspora organization in the Netherlands that organizes sustainable development projects in Ghana and promotes African culture in the Netherlands. The foundation and its founder, Dutch-Ghanaian George Duncan, have extensive knowledge of and contacts with the Ghanaian diaspora community in the Netherlands and the various other community organizations.

The program is commissioned and financially supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana and RVO, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.