The GBT Academy meets to sharpen People Management skills

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The Growing Business Together Academy held its second Monthly meeting on the 8th of June at the MBC Africa Office to take the 20 young entrepreneurs through a session on People Management. The session is built to equip the entrepreneurs with the relevant skills and knowledge required to scale and grow their businesses. 

This session gave the entrepreneurs a deeper understanding of the magnitude of Human Resource Management in startups. They also learned how to select and manage the right people to achieve the goal of their businesses and to create a platform for them to interact and network.

Coaches Program Developments
Eric Osei, Relationship Manager at MBC Africa encouraged the entrepreneurs to keep contacting their coaches after listening to their feedback and some concerns.  He also advised them to cultivate an informal relationship to loosen any formality and ease up tension between themselves and their coaches.

People of different shapes
Nelson Amo, Program Manager of GBT Ghana, walked the entrepreneurs through a Lean startup approach and bootstrapping (a means to start a business without help or capital). He also had a brief interaction with the entrepreneurs on their business model and business strategy so that he could understand the current challenges of the entrepreneurs to provide suitable assistance.

“Every endeavor of life requires some form of People Management Skills.”
– Anani Yao Kuwormi (Director of Fidelity Communications)

Anani Yao Kuwornu, facilitator of the session, Director of Fidelity Communications and Human Resource Professional shared with the entrepreneurs that: “Every endeavor of life requires some form of People Management Skills.” He explained to the entrepreneurs that to lead their businesses successfully, acknowledging and appreciating the fact that people come in different shapes, sizes, with different attitudes and skills is very crucial.

The GBT Academy meets with Anani Yao Kuwornu (Director of Communication at Fidelity Bank and facilitator of the monthly networking session) at the MBC Africa office.

The director also cautioned that it is necessary for the entrepreneurs to know that people have different reasons for joining their company. The entrepreneurs discussed two questions and presented their findings relating to the type of people that can be found in a typical working environment and the types of employers one can identify in organizations.

Investment Readiness continues
Anna Samake, CEO of MBC Africa introduced the Afric-Seed (an investment platform that connects startups with a network of investors from around the world). And she shared some insights on the eminence of surrounding one’s self with the right people as an entrepreneur. Anna also cautioned the entrepreneurs to take all monthly sessions with all seriousness to build enough capacity to be Investor-ready rather than solely focusing on getting investment.

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