GBT Academy learns the impact of Process Management

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The GBT Academy met up for the third Monthly Networking Session on 7 July held at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Accra to learn on Process Management. The session focused on the impact and how to effectively apply it to structure your business.

Organizing Data and Activities

Worlali Ameevor, Director of Operations at GN Electronics and facilitator of the session, shared that success in business depends in a large measure on how well the entrepreneurs are able to organize all their data and activities. This enables easy discovery when an appropriate query comes along. The Director also emphasized that Business Process Management should not be a one-time exercise but should involve continuous evaluation and taking actions to improve the total flow of processes. He also stressed on applying standards according to the International Standard Organization (ISO), a non-governmental organization that facilitates world trade by providing common standards between nations.

Farewell ceremony Felix Lomans

The GBT alumni and Eric Osei, Relationship Manager of MBC Africa organized a farewell ceremony for Felix Lomans, Second Secretary and Policy Officer Private Sector Development and Trade of the Netherlands Embassy. The Academy appreciated Felix for his dedication and support towards the GBT programs as he was preparing to relocate back to Netherlands.

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