100 Dutch-Ghanaians gather at the GBT kickoff in Amsterdam

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More than 100 Dutch-Ghanaians joined us Saturday 17 December to learn more about what it takes to fulfill your ambition as an entrepreneur at the kickoff of our program Growing Business Together (GBT) in the Netherlands. We organized the event with Young Ghanaian Professionals.

“If you start a business, you can never lose. You either succeed or learn”, said George Duncan, GBT program manager, in his welcome address. Amma Asante, the first Ghanaian-Dutch Member of Parliament, held an honest and inspirational talk about her journey to fulfill her dreams. Asante: “Connect to networks and reach out to others outside your community”, she said, stressing the need to learn about the ‘hidden’ social codes in Dutch society. As one her key factor of success she cited: to never focus on disadvantages in the working field, but always persevere to greater goals.

Creative entrepreneur, Awura Simpe shared her personal story as a dancer and lawyer who gave up the security and status of her job to start her own business, Creative Women Collective. She emphasized that to be a successful entrepreneur you have to sometimes take bold decisions. Her advice is to know your field, stay up to date and know the most important players. “That is how you open doors”, she said.

“If you see a problem, you could think about solving it by setting up your own company to do so”, challenged Walter aan de Wiel, director of iMPACT Booster, the business accelerator for startups that implements the GBT program.

Ray Acheampong, founder of RAYBEN Diagnostics, gave an honest account of his experiences of moving to Ghana to start his company in medical laboratory services. “If you are not really committed and are not willing to work very hard: don’t do it”, he warned his audience. “100% commitment, presence and determination is the minimum requirement for entrepreneurial success in Ghana”, he said.

GBT Kickoff the Netherlands

The Young Ghanaian Professionals board and Growing Business Together team at the GBT kickoff in the Netherlands. Photography by Akwasi Fosuhene ©

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