November 17, 2016


The conference, co-hosted by the Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana and Ghana’s Minister of Trade and Industry, brings together startups/SMEs, (impact) investors, business partners, and government policymakers together. Our main objective is to help entrepreneurs to secure investments for their businesses and to generate deal flow for investors. Alongside, we want to engage policymakers, entrepreneurs and investors in discussions how the startup and business climate, in particular access to finance, in Ghana can be improved further. Please click here to see the full program and register if you are not one of our entrepreneurs.

The conference however, is not the first time during the program the GBT Academy will engage potential investors. Throughout the Academy our investor network is updated and invited to attend networking sessions. Some investors will give trainings and are also invited to help during the period of the academy to initiate potential investment discussions at an early stage and at the same time help the businesses to clearly understand investor mindsets early enough.

Follow-up support

Deal making takes time. That is why we provide ample follow-up support to our entrepreneurs to assist them in their discussions with potential investors and business partners and continue to seek strong matches. This process does not stop after the GBT Start-up Investor Conference.

The Start-up Investor Conference

The GBT Start-up Investor Conference takes place on 19 October at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel in Accra. Join us at our one-day investment conference as the twenty entrepreneurs of our GBT Academy prepare to pitch and secure investments for their business. Find out more about our start-up conference or Register here.