November 17, 2016


©Growing Business Together

The Growing Business Together (GBT) program aims to promote entrepreneurship among young Ghanaians by offering an opportunity for these entrepreneurs to learn and refine a diverse business skillset via coaching from experienced Ghanaian coaches.

The key components of the Growing Business Together initiative include a 9-month GBT Academy, the GBT Coaches Program and the GBT Startup Investment Conference. There is a parallel project for Ghanaians based in the Netherlands who seek to start businesses in Ghana.

Academy Program

The GBT Academy gives entrepreneurs the chance to receive full support to accelerate their business’ growth. The Academy is a top-up program for the twenty entrepreneurs that have been selected to go through the GBT Program. Next, to one-on-one coaching, the GBT Academy offers participants access to hands-on experience, practical advice, networking, capacity building training sessions and connects businesses to potential partners and investors. By the end of the program (Nine Months), the businesses should be ready to attract investors into their company.

Structure of GBT Academy

The GBT Academy program is structured into key stages, beginning with an intense 3-day full-time boot camp, 7 weeks of capacity building training sessions and a one-day start-up investor conference. During the capacity building training sessions, businesses are assigned to Coaches and Business Development Associates who help them to implement knowledge gained. Networking events are organized as part of the Academy program.

MBC Africa, a leading business accelerator working across Ghana, is running the GBT Academy. Please click here to see the full program overview.

Boot camp

The boot camp is an intense 3-day program, which covers important skills, such as business modelling, go-to-market strategies, financial modelling, customer relations, networking, performance monitoring and management. The boot camp gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from each other, understand the gaps in their business and strategies to be used to help their businesses grow.

Transportation and accommodation cost incurred by entrepreneurs when attending monthly training sessions are their own financial commitment to the GBT program.

Business Strategy Development

During this phase, the entrepreneurs thoroughly review their business models, the strategy using tools and insights from the boot camp and the monthly training sessions. The entrepreneurs are expected to develop a multi-year business and financial plan, factoring in new growth indicators. The entrepreneurs can use ‘Truvalu’ online learning platform powered by Impact booster to facilitate their virtual learning process.

Truvalu startups, formerly iMPACT Booster, is a business accelerator that provides the expertise, hands-on support and connections to help your business enter emerging economies. Please click here to read more on Truvalu Start-up.

Validation Phase

During the monthly training sessions, entrepreneurs are made to validate the elements on their business model canvas to help them identify strategies, resources, key players for business growth. The validation phase is a tailor-made program to validate all assumptions in the business plan.

During this phase, entrepreneurs receive hands-on support from their business coaches, GBT Program Co-ordinator and Business Development Associates. Our extensive networks will open new opportunities and give access to the right business partners and customers, which is important to get proof of concepts and market share. Having a proof of concept and market share opens the door for investor appetite.  After the conference deal making and legal support is offered to close deals with interested investors.

Pitch phase

At end of the Business Strategy Development and validation phase, the entrepreneurs participate in a two-day Business Pitch training and practical sessions. Businesses learn how to prepare a winning pitch deck, understand the elements of a pitch deck, understand the investors’ mindset and practice mock pitches before experts, mentors, investors and their peers for feedback. This activity is done before the GBT Start-up Investor Conference.

 GBT Start-Up Investor Conference

The GBT Start-Up Investor Conference is the climax of the GBT program which will be held at University of Professional Studies – Accra- Incubator.

A total of three hundred (300) attendees which comprises of representatives from financial institutions, investment firms, entrepreneurs, embassy representatives, students, UPSA staff, media houses and management of Impact booster – Netherlands. During the conference, GBT participating businesses will pitch to attract present investors in the program.

Conference Activities

These are the activities to be performed during the conference;-

  • Business Matching
  • Master Classes
  • Business Pitching (5 businesses in batches of 3)
  • Panel Discussions
  • Networking Sessions

Please click here to register and participate in the GBT Start-up Investor Conference.