November 3, 2016


Do you have entrepreneurial ambitions in Ghana? This five-week program spurs on budding entrepreneurs in the Ghanaian diaspora community, who have an idea to start a business in Ghana or have already begun operations. The business can be in any sector and vary from shop to online company or tech start-up. Variety between the type of business and how far the company is advanced creates an inspirational environment in which the 15 selected participants learn from each other.

Fast-track program

The GBT Business Booster is truly a fast-track program to train aspiring entrepreneurs in all the basic skills they need to have to kick off their business or to accelerate it to the next level. It covers the key building blocks to move an idea to a product/service that is ready to launch into the market. The interactive sessions include workshops on business and financial modelling, the lean startup, and marketing and sales. After one month, we organize a follow-up session for all the participants to share experiences and get advice on the hurdles they are facing.

Experienced Dutch and Ghanaian trainers

The program modules are facilitated by our program staff, who are experienced startup entrepreneurs and business developers in Ghana and Africa, as well as some Dutch experts in specific fields such as marketing and branding or financial modelling. A Dutch-Ghanaian entrepreneur will also share his or her experience.

Business and investor network

One of the key success criteria for a start-up, apart from training, is access to networks. During and after the booster program, the trainers and mentors actively link the startups with relevant organizations and networks that can help in getting their business started.

You can learn much more about the GBT Business Booster. Find out more on how to apply and when application starts.

What’s in it for you?

  • A five-week business booster training
  • Access to relevant networks both in NL as Ghana
  • A dedicated mentor
  • Ability to pitch