November 18, 2016


Are you a Ghanaian living in the Netherlands with the ambition to start a company in Ghana? We invite you to apply for the GBT Business Booster in February 2018.

Taking part in the GBT Business Booster is by online application. All Ghanaian entrepreneurs with a business idea are welcome to join this program. We read every application as we seek startups that have potential for new markets in Ghana and a viable business model.

Apply Now

The first round of applications will be closed on the 15th of January 2018.


Our online application process opens on the 8th of September. Based on our selection criteria, our selection panel will select the best 30 candidates for an interview.

The interviews will be held in December 2017

During the interviews, the candidates will present their ideas in a presentation. Each candidate will be rated based on the criteria for the GBT Business Booster. The 15 candidates with the highest rating will be selected for the GBT Business Booster.

For more information about the GBT Business Booster, send us an email or contact us by telephone: +316 (0) 6 43048992.

Entrepreneur in Ghana?

Are you a startup or SME currently based in Ghana, and would you like to partake in our business booster in Ghana? We invite you to apply for the GBT Academy in Ghana. Read more and find out when our application process starts.