September 26, 2016



Growing Business Together (GBT) is a two-year project funded by the Dutch Government to support Ghanaian startups in Ghana and the Netherlands. The project seeks to encourage entrepreneurs from the Ghanaian diaspora in the Netherlands to start a business in Ghana and entrepreneurs between the ages 18-35 in Ghana who started a business in the last 3 years, to grow their business.

There will be series of events in Ghana and the Netherlands to engage and support entrepreneurs with emphasis on addressing the lack of access to networks and finance. It is one thing to be trained on skills and knowledge to draw up a strong business plan and pitch your idea well, but that alone will not lead to access to finance. It is important to connect you to a wide network of investors and business angels to help you bridge the pioneer gap of early seed capital.

This program aims to reach a wide group of young entrepreneurs through various activities to promote and support young entrepreneurship in Ghana and the Netherlands: Activities under the program include a five-day Business Booster for the Ghanaian diaspora in the Netherlands and in Ghana, GBT Business Coaches Program, GBT Ghana Netherlands Business Academy and The Ghana-Netherlands Start-up Investment Conference.

  • OUR MISSION- Why are we doing this?

Ghana has many entrepreneurs, but too few businesses. Our mission is to empower Ghanaian entrepreneurs in Ghana and the Netherlands to create sustainable businesses by matching them to investors and creating new business opportunities for them.

We want businesses to Start, Grow & Impact!

  • OUR VISION- What we want to achieve

Our vision is to;

  1. Create positive impact through entrepreneurship
  2. Create and open social business and financial networks to improve access to finance
  3. Improve and enhance interaction between Ghanaian entrepreneurs, Dutch business and the Dutch and Ghanaian government
  4. Increase the awareness and knowledge among Ghanaians and the Ghanaian diaspora in the Netherlands
  5. Improve the Ghanaian start-up eco-system