The GBT Academy prepares to pitch at the Start-up Conference

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The entrepreneurs of the GBT Academy met up at the Netherlands’ Embassy in Accra on the 8th of September to prepare for pitch time in the wake of the upcoming Start-up Investors Conference. The session was led by Nelson Amo of Innohub.

The 14 attending entrepreneurs were introduced to Jan Anne van der Veer, the new Second Secretary of the Netherland’s Embassy to Ghana. He expressed his excitement for the GBT programs in Ghana and that he plans to make it more successful.

The Essence of Pitching

Nelson Amo used an outdoor activity to teach on the importance of eye contact while pitching. The exercise enabled the entrepreneurs to learn the importance of sparking interests by selling the idea instead of telling the idea.  The entrepreneurs also learned on styles of pitching, stage craft, facial expressions and body posture. An interesting discussion was raised when the role of eye contact in the Ghanaian culture came about. Nelson also taught on identifying the components of a winning pitch and the importance for entrepreneurs to craft their pitch to perfection. He entreated all entrepreneurs to get into the habit of reading widely and frequently.

Belief in your abilities

George Duncan, GBT Program Manager discussed how shyness affects the business environment in Ghana and emphasized on the importance of confidence while pitching.  Bernard Walker, coach from ARE Group Business, assisted the entrepreneurs to polish their pitch decks and sharpen their communication skills. He concluded the session by encouraging all entrepreneurs to believe in their abilities and communicate that it to their minds.

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