The GBT Business Booster starts at the Amsterdam health and technology institute

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15 motivated entrepreneurs gathered at the Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute on Friday the 3rd of March for the 5-week GBT Business Booster.

“We need the Ghanaian Diaspora to actually understand what people in Africa want”, emphasized George Duncan (GBT program manager) when starting the first day of training.

Shaping your business

The entrepreneurs briefly shared their business idea and how they plan to penetrate the Ghanaian market. Some of the entrepreneurs are born in the Netherlands and the others live in the Netherlands for approximately a minimum of 15 years. And all share the dream of returning to Ghana to start their business.

Moses Dsane, founder of Plaintain FuFu Flour shared his solution for preparing fufu with his innovative product. “It’s time for more non-Ghanaians to eat our food”, he shared. Lady Gifty Kwayissi, an entrepreneur with a background in Human Resources shared her passion for recruiting Ghanaian-Dutch professionals for Dutch companies in Ghana.

Key on the first training day was the Business Canvas Model which helped them develop their financial modelling and also formulate the lacking activities in their business. The GBT Business Booster is held on every Friday of the week in March until pitch time on the final day, where they have a viable business case and present it to a panel of judges.

Deal Time

The 31st of March means pitch time.  Each entrepreneur will pitch their developed business case to investors and a panel of judges at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in The Hague.


Amsterdam health and tech institute ©Growing Business Together

The Amsterdam health & technology institute (Ahti) provides the facility to the GBT Business Booster. Ahti is a world-class public-private open innovation institute supported by the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (NL) and the Duke Global Health Institute (USA). Ahti’s mission is to improve the urban health worldwide and to achieve a better quality of healthcare at a lower cost through education, innovative research and by fostering entrepreneurship across a global network of ‘living labs’ that are centered in Amsterdam. Having Ahti host the GBT Business Booster enables us to conduct this training in a truly inspirational health tech environment.

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