Impacting young entrepreneurship at the GBT launch in Ghana

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The Growing Business Together kickoff in Accra was a success! Over 170 young entrepreneurs engaged with us about starting your business in Ghana. The launch, which took place on 26 January at the Netherland’s ambassador’s residence, was held under theme “Accelerating young entrepreneurs”.

The Dutch Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Ron Strikker in his welcome address encouraged prospective applicants to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and be passionate about their business. He stated that the slogan of the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana “Growing Together” is backed by the desire to help young Ghanaian entrepreneurs grow.

“It’s not just about the product, it’s about the impact”

Fred Deegbe

Sharing their experiences as entrepreneurs during the panel discussion, Fred Deegbe Jnr. and Mr. Issa Quadrego, CEOs of Heel the World and B-BOVID respectively, agreed on the need for such support platforms to help early stage entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Fred Deegbe Jnr challenged entrepreneurs that it’s not just about the product but the impact.

In her closing remarks, Anna Samake, CEO of MBC Africa said that the GBT initiative seeks to support innovative entrepreneurs with scalable businesses, with a bias for female entrepreneurs.

Application for the GBT Academy is now open. Read about the selection criteria and Apply Now.

Next Stop

Our next event is the GBT Caravan, a pitch event held in 3 major cities: Tamale, Kumasi and Accra. You have an opportunity to pitch your business for a place in the GBT Academy. Read about our events  here.

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  • This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in the agri/agro-processing industry in Ghana. My interest is in the cashew production and processing industry, and I hope this will be an opportunity for me since I live in a cashew producing area. I want more information about the program and how I can participate.

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