GBT and Young Ghanaian Professionals collaboration confirmed!

GBT and Young Ghanian Professionals

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Young Ghanaian Professionals Benelux, a Dutch based association consisting of professionals and students of Ghanaian heritage. With the goal to involve the Ghanaian community in the Netherlands with our programs, we will work closely to recruit our 15 candidates for the GBT Business Booster taking place in March 2017.

The GBT Kickoff in Amsterdam

With the support of Young Ghanaian Professionals we are also preparing to launch Growing Business Together (GBT) in the Netherlands on 17 December 2016.

The event will be an afternoon full of interesting talks and workshops about the opportunities of doing business in Ghana and starting a company. In one of the workshops several Dutch-Ghanaian entrepreneurs share their stories and experiences.

Join us in an inspirational afternoon to learn more about the joys of setting up your own business and the opportunities in Ghana! Take part by registering here for the GBT kickoff in Amsterdam.

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