Meet the program manager George Duncan

georgeeGeorge Duncan is currently working in Ghana with our local partners to finalize the program’s planning. He is used to split his time between his home country and the Netherlands, where he has been living for over 25 years.

George is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant. He is also the founder and director of the Sankofa Foundation in The Hague, a diaspora organization engaged in sustainable development projects in Ghana and the promotion of African culture in the Netherlands. He has been instrumental in the establishment of the Diaspora Business Centre Ghana in the Netherlands, an initiative of African diaspora organizations to generate investment opportunities in counties of origin.

With Eric Osei of our partner MBC Africa, George has co-written the book Migration & Entrepreneurship. The Dynamics of Creating Your Winning Business in the Home Country.

George has also been working closely with EMSA Emerging Markets Africa, also one of our partners. As a freelance consultant for EMSA, George is responsible for creating and following up leads for new and innovative business and investment opportunities in Ghana. George has developed an extensive network among small and medium-sized businesses in Ghana.

One thought on “Meet the program manager George Duncan

  • Well done YGP. It’s nice meeting you.Sir. Duncan.
    Well am the founder of Ghanaian Diaspora Development Network ( a 10 Regional Development Network which seeks to supplement the government’s socioeconomic and infrastructural development of the Nation. I have a lot to offer but my very problem is meeting the right partners and my question is incase you can be of help to me whatsapp 0031613501416 mail- sincerely Stephen Owusu-Mensah. Holland.

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